co Why Have A Facebook Store |

More and more, e-commerce is moving off the traditional onsite store front and moving into social media. Facebook already has several storefront apps, but Constant Contact is recommending another one.

Many SEOs and Internet marketers have for years cautioned online merchants about setting up a sales channel apart from their own websites. To be sure, there are dangers in doing so, but there are big pluses as well.

I’m not suggesting that you should replace your website. Actually, I’d recommend that you add an outpost. Keep your main e-commerce channel, but add another one. This is the equivalent of the off line franchise, or second location. Your customers will appreciate your expansion, and if you have a strong following on Facebook, then you’ll likely get orders from your Facebook page.

I know one lady who makes dolls and children’s clothes. She does quiet well selling her merchandise through her Facebook page. The trick is to offer something people want to buy, make it available and easy to pay, and engage with your audience so that they want to buy from you.

Facebook is no longer just a water cooler for your friendly neighborhood chats. It’s a business tool. And you can turn it into a social e-commerce tool in just a few steps.