co 5 Incredible Uses For Social Media |

There is more to social media than simply hanging out with your friends and posting marketing messages that no one responds to. I’ve come up with 5 very powerful ways to use social media for your small business marketing.

  1. Intelligence – No matter what business you are in, it’s important to keep tabs of the competition. You should know what competitors are up to if you plan on beating them in the market. That includes new products and services, marketing initiatives, changes in leadership, etc.
  2. Handling customer service issues – Twitter has been used for this purpose often. As it should be. Encourage your customers to let you know if there is a problem. Then solve it for them immediately.
  3. Running contests – Many types of businesses offer contests, sweepstakes and other viral promotions through social media. You can too.
  4. Highlight your helpful team – No one runs a small business by themselves. There are always behind-the-scenes employees that are indispensable, and partners who make things happen just by their presence. Thank them publicly on your Facebook page and through your other social media accounts. They will work harder when they feel appreciated.
  5. Motivating customers – Sometimes all they need is a nudge to make the move. Present deadlines on your specials and make special deals just for your Facebook friends, or offer a Twitter-only discount. Deadlines work wonders.

Social media is more than just a meeting place. It’s a tool. Use it well and it will reward you.