co When Social Comes To Your Automobile |

There’s a growing technology boom in the automotive industry that is based entirely on telematics. It utilizes in-dash technology to deliver real time data through the Internet for the benefit of drivers and their friends. For instance, GPS technology allows a driver to chart a course using Google Maps to arrive at a predefined destination via a predetermined route. In some cases, this can be done by voice commands.

Awesome, right?

Well, what if that technology could be used for marketing purposes? What if you could be driving in your car and you shout a tweet at your in-dash assistant, who then opens up your Twitter app and tweets the message for you? That would be useful, right?

Already, certain technology such as location tracking allows you to send your current location (in your automobile) to someone’s smartphone by voice command.

Here’s another scenario: Suppose a customer of yours is driving by your retail shop. That customer has downloaded your automobile app and when they get within a certain distance of your store the app automatically notifies them of sales and specials you have going on that day which are relevant to their interests. Would that be a useful marketing tool?

I think it would. Of course, right now it’s just a pipe dream. But someday it may not be.