co What Are Your New Year's Resolutions? |

Have you set your New Year’s resolutions for 2013 yet? Do they include marketing goals? Better yet, do they include your plans and goals for online marketing in 2013?

It’s important for small business owners to think about what they can do for the new year to take their businesses to the next level. That means more than thinking about how many sales you want to make, or how much profit you want to generate. It also includes how many new marketing initiatives you want to try and whether or not you want to pursue a particular revenue channel.

When you sit down to establish your 2013 goals, if you haven’t already, think about which online marketing strategies you want to try this year and how much time, effort, and money you want to put into them. Do you plan to do these things yourself, hire an in-house person to handle them for you, or outsource these strategies to a marketing firm? There are pros and cons to all of these options.

I hope that 2013 is the year for you and your business. But don’t leave it to chance or hope that the year takes care of itself. Take the initiative and set a plan. It’s the way that successful people take themselves higher, and I know you can do it.