co Customer Service Is Reputation Management |

The best reputation management you have as a small business is customer service. One bad customer service experience can have huge repercussions in the age of social media. UPS discovered this the hard way.

A few years ago an incident like this could have gone months before the company saw any negative publicity – if at all. But with social media, and everyone you know having accounts at all the major social media websites, you can bet that your customers will use it if they have to.

All you have to do to stop the social media negative PR campaigns before they start is provide good customer service. That doesn’t mean flawless execution of your service or flawless products. It means addressing concerns when they arise.

Once you sully your reputation it’s hard to get it back. That’s why you need to train all your employees on how to handle customer complaints when they happen. And be sure that no one drops the ball on any customer complaint. If you fail to do this one time, you could end up like UPS and have a video go viral, making your company look like it doesn’t care about its customers.

Social media is the great equalizer between customers and large businesses. What do you think it could do to a small business in a small town if this kind of thing happens to one of your customers?