co Exact Match Domain Hysteria: Is It Worth It? |

Not all domain names are equal. When you decide to purchase a new domain name for your business you’ll have to decide on a few things. You really have only three options:

  1. Exact match domain name
  2. Partial match domain name
  3. Branded domain name

The “exact match” and “partial match” are a reference to keywords in the domain name. Are they necessary?

You do have one other option for your domain name. You can do none of the above, but that’s not really an option. If you don’t include a keyword in your domain and you aren’t branding yourself, then you don’t have a strategy. You can of course do both.

There are people who debate whether keywords in your domain name are really necessary or not. I believe they can’t hurt – unless your content is low quality or no quality content. If your content is high quality content, on the other hand, your domain name can benefit from either exact match or partial match. Or you can simply opt to go the branding route as Google, Yahoo! and Bing did.

And Small Business Mavericks.

I wouldn’t put undue importance on keywords in your domain name, but if you can make it work for your business and still produce high quality content for your website that is helpful to your site visitors, then that’s the main thing. Otherwise, stick to effective branding.