co Effective Online Marketing Requires Time |

It’s no secret that the smaller your budget the more time you’re going to have to give your online marketing to work. If you can only afford $200/month in developing your online marketing strategy, then you won’t – you can’t – be as effective as the company that can afford $2,000/month. That doesn’t mean you should give up.

Small businesses are at no more a disadvantage online than they’ve ever been at anything else. You have a smaller budget, but that just means you have to get creative. And have a little patience.

So what are some things you can do on a smaller budget? Here are a few online marketing activities you should consider as a small business:

  • Part-time blogging (2-3 days per week)
  • Limited social media posting
  • Small budget PPC campaign
  • Optimize your website, which should be a one-time activity
  • Claim your local business listings
  • Implement rich snippets
  • Seek out citations
  • Guest blogging

These are just a few of the online marketing activities you can participate in as a small business owner. The key is to do as much with your budget as you can to be more effective in your online marketing efforts. You don’t need to spend your budget chasing your larger competition. Rather, you should spend your budget wisely to tackle the most effective strategies first and use your budget more effectively for the long term.