co Google+ Is Going Mobile |

Google announced last week that several improvements were rolled out to the Google+ platform. Many of the improvements have to do with Android, Events, and mobile phones.

Here are a few of the improvements that Google+ announced:

  • On-the-go profile editing
  • An easier way to author content on mobile platforms
  • A notice when a mobile user has new stuff to read
  • Mobile notifications from your favorite Google+ circles
  • Better interaction with Google+ Communities for the mobile phone and tablet
  • Full-size backup of photos for Android devices, including a standard-size photo option
  • 360-degree photo panoramas for Android 4.2
  • Inline photos for iOS
  • An iPhone app that allows pan-zoom-scale in your photo stream
  • See who has responded to your Event invitations
  • Low-bandwidth options for Google+ Hangouts
  • Easier duplication of Events
  • Upgrades to Google+ Hangouts On Air
  • Longer snippets for iOS
  • Animated GIFs for Android
  • Birthday reminders in Google Now for Android
  • and a lock screen widget for the Android

Google+ is constantly being improved. I think it’s just a matter of time before Google+ goes mainstream, and even if it doesn’t there are enough people using Google+ now to make it worthwhile for many small businesses.

If you are looking for better mobile marketing opportunities, try Google+. If it doesn’t work out for you, you’ve lost nothing but a little bit of time.