co Twitter Ads With Negative Keywords |

Twitter has recently added another cool feature to its sponsored tweets advertising service – the use of negative keywords.

If you’re wondering what a negative keyword is, it’s time to become intimately acquainted. These are words you don’t want to target but are usually associated with the word you do want to target. For instance, “Kevin” would be a negative keyword to “bacon,” unless you actually are talking about the actor. Doing research on tigers but not interested in the football team in Detroit? Make “Detroit” a negative keyword.

Negative keywords are powerful targeting tools because you can limit the exposure of your paid advertising, saving yourself money and better targeting your ads to the people most likely to respond to them.

Google has been using negative words for a long time in its PPC model, Google AdWords. Now, Twitter can compete more aggressively with its sponsored tweets equivalent. And, guess what? Twitter’s sponsored tweets are a lot less expensive than Google AdWords ads are simply because there is less demand. So if you don’t want to pay the higher click prices at Google but you still want effective ad targeting, join Twitter’s sponsored tweets program and be sure to make liberal use of negative keywords.