co Why Are You Chasing Algorithms? |

Search engine optimization has a bright side and a dark side. The dark side often involves chasing algorithms, as if they have the power to save. You might as well be a dog chasing parked cars.

It’s not that search engine algorithms have no power. They do. Their power lies in their ability to deliver relevant content to searchers. For the search engine marketer, their power lies in their ability to deliver your content to the right searchers. But to do that, your best bet is to write great content that targets the needs of a specific market rather than trying to guess the most important criteria for ranking.

I hope you see the nuance in this distinction. It’s a fine one.

Understand this: Search engines use more than 200 ranking criteria. On any given day, or on any given hour, any of those ranking criteria could be the most important. And it might change from day to day, hour to hour. What’s more, it might change from search query to search query. That makes it really difficult to optimize any particular blog post for the perfect algorithmic criterion.

That’s why I, and Google, say to write your content for your site visitors. Don’t write it for the search engines. But do use your keywords. Just don’t over use them.