co How Firefox Is Changing Social Media Marketing |

One way Facebook has managed to take on Google in a powerful way is to create strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial and that take Google head on in a market where Google clearly has a dominance or is trying to establish one. An example is the relationship the social network has with Google competitor Bing in the search market. Now, Facebook is moving in on the browser market.

Actually, it’s Firefox that is helping Facebook compete with Google Chrome, and it effectively makes Firefox a round-the-clock social network.

This is a big move.

By allowing Firefox users to chat with their Facebook friends any time they want and from any page on the Web, Firefox and Facebook are essentially poking holes in the Google+ and Google Chrome balloon. It’s going to be interesting to see how Google responds. It will be even more interesting to see how Facebook Messenger for Firefox improves in the next couple of years.

The implications for this new Firefox feature are tremendous. If you have a Facebook presence, you can take customer questions any time you are logged onto the Internet – even if you’re not on Facebook. You can also send out quick announcements to your fans and customers. Running a special? Send a quick heads up using Facebook chat – your customers will get it in real time whether they are using Facebook at that moment or not.

See the power?

I hope so because this looks like a good deal all around – for small business owners and for Facebook users everywhere.