co Should You Publish On Sunday? |

When is the best time to publish your content? Publishers and online marketers have debated this for years. It’s a hold over from the old days when it was deemed that Thursday was the best day for your newsletters and sales specials to land in consumers’ mail boxes on Thursday. We don’t live in that world any more.

Today, people read their e-mail, RSS feeds, and social media posts when it’s convenient for them. You can write it today, tomorrow or over the weekend – even publish it in the middle of the night – but because people have wired their world so that they get the news they want where they want it and when, then they will read your published content when it’s convenient for them. When you publish it is not an issue. Just publish.

That goes for blogging, e-mail content, social media content, and everything else. Even videos.

You can publish your content on Sunday and Monday morning all the people who’ve been looking forward to your next post will be there to read it. If they can’t read it on Monday, they’ll read it on Tuesday. And they’ll share it too. Just publish.

I think an editorial calendar is a good thing. Plan your posts, but don’t fret over the best day and time to publish it. Just publish.