co Cyber Monday Rules - Again |

Each year online sales go up from the previous year on the Internet’s biggest shopping day, affectionately called “Cyber Monday.” That was this past Monday, and guess what? Sales went up again.

Interestingly, while total sales went up 30.3% over last year, the total value of each individual order was less than last year while the total number of items purchased by each customer went up. What’s that mean? Cynthia Boris says it means customers are finding ways to get more value for their money. That’s obvious. Customers are always doing that. But I also think it might mean that more businesses offered discounts and specials so customers could get more value for their money. However, I have nothing to back that up.

The best part of this data is that mobile sales are up overall as well while social media sales are down. Are you surprised? I’m not.

Social media takes a lot of crafty, creative marketing to be successful. Mobile marketing not so much. The fact that most consumers have a mobile phone, and smartphone sales are going up and up, means that people have the ability to search on the go – and that’s precisely what they are doing. I expect to see these numbers – total sales as well as mobile sales – go up again next year. The big question is this: Will you be promoting your business and your products for next year’s Cyber Monday craze?