co Look, It's Cyber Monday! |

Cyber Monday is the Monday that follows Black Friday. It’s also traditionally the biggest online shopping day of the year. And ever year it keeps growing as more and more people go online to make purchases, presumably for the coming Christmas season and multiple holidays that take place this time of year.

So what happens if you own an online store and haven’t planned any specials for Cyber Monday like your competition has? Does that mean you’re left out?

Not necessarily. Why not throw together a last minute sale?

This is easy. Mark everything in your store down 10%, or give a discount for a minimum purchase order. Good for today only. Then send out an e-mail blast to your newsletter list and promote your one-day-only sale through your social media accounts. It’s not the best way to handle the Cyber Monday craze, but that little bit is better than nothing. And if you forgot about Cyber Monday, or just couldn’t get prepared soon enough, you can still get in on the action. One or two new customers is better than nothing.

You might even drive a few older customers back to your website to make another purchase. A sale is a sale, right?

Don’t think you can’t play the Cyber Monday game just because you got to the party late. There’s still a feast on the table.