co Why Google+ Hangouts Is A Great Promo Tool |

Google+ Hangouts is more than just a promotional tool, but it is a great tool to use for any business, partly because it’s free. But you have to have a Google+ account to take advantage of it. So, once you do have a Google+ account, what can you do with hangouts? Here are just a few of the powerful ways you can use Google+ Hangouts:

  1. To introduce new products or services
  2. Make an important business announcement in the same way you’d use a press release
  3. Invite customer feedback
  4. Deal with customer service issues in real time
  5. Hold a webinar
  6. Host a series of teaching classes
  7. Meet with clients, partners, and others in private or public
  8. Announce winners of a contest, or host a contest in real time
  9. Demo a product or service
  10. Conduct customer interviews or interviews with executives in your company

These are just a few of the ways you can use Google+ Hangouts. There are a lot more uses for this online realtime video technology. You can host meetings in public or private, and you can live stream them through YouTube or your website. That alone makes them valuable business tools.

Why not explore Google+ Hangouts for your business? Figure out a strategy for using this powerful free technology for your business, then turn on the promotional charm.