co Guest Blogging Practices to Avoid |

On Friday, I talked about Google’s heightened attention to quality content and how that relates to guest blogging. Since writing that post on Friday, I’ve received about 25 requests in my e-mail to allow guest blog posts on this blog. That’s up significantly from the rate of those requests prior to Google’s announcement a couple weeks ago.

One might think with this volume of guest post offers that I will never have to write another blog post again! The reality is, not all guest blog offers are created equal. If you own a blog and are starting to see these types of requests, here are a few things you might want to consider before agreeing to post on your blog:

  • First and foremost – consider your readers! Will the readers of your blog gain value from the information included in the post?
  • Is the topic of the post congruent with your blog’s theme and subject matter?
  • Where does the guest blogger want to link TO from the post? You don’t want to send your readers to spam-filled or low-quality sites as this will be bad for readership and bad for your SEO
  • Does the guest blogger have an established track record of producing high quality content? If the site the writer is linking to has a consistent record of producing quality content, you can have more confidence that the site will continue to be a high quality site. If the site has two posts on it with no track record, you’ll want to do more research on the writer before accepting the post.

As you think about accepting guest posts on your blog, it’s a good idea to set some guidelines keeping these thoughts in mind. Keeping your readers happy with good quality content keeps Google and the other search engines happy – and that’s key to running a successful blog that produces leads for your business.