co 3 Keys To Effective Social Reputation Management |

Online reputation management is as much social as it is anything. That is, you can manage your online reputation using social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Rich Gorman at Marketing Pilgrim offers three suggestions to help small business owners more effectively use social media for reputation management. Here are his suggestions:

  1. Use the right social media platforms
  2. Create more content
  3. Use keywords more effectively

Every social media platform has its advantages. What are you trying to accomplish? You don’t have to use Facebook just because everyone else is using Facebook. If it doesn’t make sense for your business, then use the social networks that are going to help you enhance your reputation more.

If you aren’t creating social content, then you aren’t really networking and you aren’t managing your reputation. Online, it’s all about the content. You have to use your content on social networks to engage other users and build relationships. That’s the only way to keep your reputation alive and encourage a positive view of your personality and your business. Create more content.

As you create more social media content you should also be aware of how it will be received by the search engines. You can rank your social content in the search engines by optimizing it around specific keyword phrases.

Reputation management, social media, and SEO are all intertwined. They are no longer separate menu items on the same dinner plate. They go hand in hand. Savvy online marketers understand that and act accordingly.