co Whose Niche Are You Building? |

To some people, online marketing is a mystery. To the rest of us, success is determined by the niche you choose. So how do you choose a niche that you can build from the ground up into a solid business model?

First, start with your passions. What drives you? What interests you? What do you care about?

If you don’t care about the topic you will be producing content on, then it doesn’t matter how profitable the niche is. You will burn out and lose interest. That’s why it is much more important to choose a niche that you love. Don’t choose it based on the level of competition or the income potential.

That said, if there is no income potential in your particular niche, then you’ll have to decide whether you want to pursue it or not. You can always build a hobby site, but if your intent is to make your hobby a business, then you need to figure out a way to make money with it. Do a little research and find out if anyone else is serving that niche. If so, what are they doing and how are they doing it?

Remember, you are building your business. Therefore, choose a niche that is just right for you. Make it something you have an interest in. Make it something you know a bit about. If you care about a topic, you’ll enjoy producing content about it.