co Are You Using Black Hat SEO Tactics? |

There is an old adage that encourages everything in moderation. When it comes to SEO, I’ll have to echo that. There’s a fine line between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO that can get lost to the new practitioner.

Let me define the terms. White Hat SEO tactics are SEO strategies and techniques that are approved by the search engines and that usually won’t get your web pages penalized. Black Hat SEO is everything else. The search engines do not approve of the Black Hat variety of SEO tactics, obviously, and they could get your web pages, or entire websites, penalized, de-listed, or downgraded in the search engine listings.

The implication with these definitions is that White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO consists of two different sets of tactics or techniques, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

When it comes to online marketing, anything you do that is approved by the search engines could be disapproved of if engaged in too often or pursued too aggressively. Many a well-intended small business owner has taken a good thing and overdone it only to discover that their website was penalized and marred with a bad reputation. I’d hate to see that happen to you, but it is something that is easily avoidable. All you have to do is refrain from doing a good thing too much or too often.