co 3 Qualities Of Evergreen Content |

Evergreen content is content that never goes out of fashion. It is not trendy. It is not here today, gone tomorrow. It has value that will remain for a long time. As its name suggests, evergreen content is content that will always be in demand.

So what does it look like exactly? And how do you produce it?

Here are 3 important qualities that your content needs in order to be considered evergreen:

  1. Intrinsic and lasting value – The value of your content must exist in the content itself. It has intrinsic content. But it’s also content that will be just as valuable next year or next decade as it is the day it is created.
  2. Contains SEO value – Evergreen content is also content that is searchable. That means it targets the right keywords at just the right intensity. Because the content itself has intrinsic and lasting value, if you SEO it properly, it will be searchable and the people who are looking for that value will find it easily.
  3. Shareable – Evergreen content is also shareable. It’s content that people want to share with their friends on their favorite networks.

Evergreen content has long term value. It will be around for a long time because a lot of people see the value.

Not every piece of content you write will be evergreen. No one can produce a perfect track record, but you should look for opportunities to create evergreen content as often as possible. Then do it.