co The Importance Of Marketing Through Images |

Images are becoming more and more important in online marketing. From Pinterest to infographics, savvy online marketers are employing more images and using them quite effectively to present their messages to their target markets on their blogs and websites, in their social media circles, and wherever they build content.

Images serve three useful purposes online:

  1. They provide a graphic way for you to communicate your message. Remember, a picture (re: graphic or image) is worth a thousand words.
  2. Images also open up another channel of search engine optimization for your web pages, blog posts, or social media posts. All it takes to optimize each image is an alt tag and some associated text. Target your keywords in both of those and you increase your SEO possibilities.
  3. Make your marketing more interesting and graphic-oriented. Studies have been done that show that image-based marketing messages are far more likely to be shared and go viral than mere text-based messages.

If you want to juice up your online marketing efforts – whether it be on your own website or blog, your social media outposts, or your e-mail marketing initiatives, add images. Why do you think Pinterest is so popular? It isn’t because of the pretty colors. OK, maybe that’s a part of it, but still, it wouldn’t be Pinterest without the images.