co Why Link Building Is Still Valid |

It’s easy to dismiss old SEO tactics as invalid, but when it comes to link building, that would be a mistake. Links are still good online currency. To dismiss them completely would be an error.

But that doesn’t mean that all links are good. Clearly, they are not.

Here are some types of links to avoid:

  • Paid links
  • Excessive links with the same staid anchor text
  • Multiple inbound links from the same web page
  • Links from bad neighborhoods
  • Blog spam links
  • Overabundance of links focusing on “relevant anchor text
  • Cloaked inbound links
  • Links with multiple redirects
  • Too many excessive or three-way links, especially with irrelevant websites
  • JavaScript links

These are just a few of the types of inbound links you want to avoid. Notice that some of these are “excessive,” “too many” or of the “overabundant” variety. That means a few links falling into those categories are OK, but if you overdo it, then you can expect some repercussions.

How To Attract Valuable Inbound Links

Google, and to some extent all the search engines, still analyze inbound links to determine their value in the grand scheme of search engine marketing. You should too.

So what constitutes a good link?

A good link is one that is derived naturally and that is relevant to a website’s topical niche. That doesn’t mean that all of your anchor text should be keyword-based. Some non-keyword links can pass value too, but you should focus your efforts on creating great content that has the ability to attract its own links. If you do any active link building on your own, stay away from bad neighborhoods, bad websites, and people with bad intentions.