co 6 Ways To Use Personas In Marketing |

Online marketing can be made more effective if you use a persona. A persona is the voice that is unique to you or a character you create for marketing purposes. One of the most original and most well known personas on the Internet is Jeeves. Remember Ask Jeeves? It was the search engine that later became Ask, but when Jeeves was first introduced to the online world, everyone loved him. Now he’s retired.

Your persona can be your natural voice or it can be a character you create, but it must be unique. It should be a voice that people can relate to. It should also be a voice that people will listen to.

When you create a persona for marketing purposes, if it is effective, then you’ll see your traffic and your conversions go up. Here are 6 ways you can use personas in your marketing:

  1. Your online content. Someone has to write your website. Create a persona for your online website content and keep it consistent.
  2. Your e-mail newsletter. Your newsletter and e-mail marketing is the perfect place for your persona to shine. Your audience is opt-in and ready to listen.
  3. Video marketing. Make a big impression with your videos by using a persona.
  4. Articles. Write articles and distribute them around the Internet. Don’t overdo the persona thing on your off-site content. Make it light to draw in new fans, then drive them back to your website.
  5. Guest blogs. The same thing applies as with articles.
  6. Social media. Social media is the perfect place for your persona. If you attract an audience with your persona, you can drive that traffic back to your landing pages on your own site and close the sale.

When it comes to online marketing, you can be very effective with a unique, original persona.