co 4 Ways To Use Instagram |

Constant Contact reports that more than 50% of top brands are using Instagram in their marketing plans. But they aren’t the only businesses using Instagram. Many small businesses are using it as well.

Instagram is a smartphone photo sharing app. It’s the smartphone version of Flickr and Photobucket. But what can you do with it?

I’ve identified 4 ways you can use Instagram to help promote your small business to your target market or current clientele.

  1. Daily images – No matter what business you are in, you can use Instagram to share a daily image of your business in action or its employees performing their duties. Candid photos are best, but some small businesses are making effective use of staged photos too.
  2. Tell stories – With Instagram, not only can you share your photos, but you can tell the story behind them. Take interesting photos of your business, employees, and customers, and tell the story behind them. People love stories.
  3. Integrate it with your other social media – Integrate Instagram into your current online marketing strategy by sharing those photos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Get more exposure for your small business.
  4. Make it a game – Reward excellent employees with worldwide recognition, or have a photo lottery where you take a random photo of a customer interaction opportunity once a week, then upload that photo to Instagram and reward the customer with a gift certificate.

Instagram isn’t for everyone, but you can make it work for your small business. Make a plan, then work your plan.