co 3 Things PPC Can Teach Us About SEO |

Internet marketing is not only about chasing SERPs for that coveted No. 1 spot. Nor is it all about driving traffic and conversions with pay per click advertising. Savvy Internet marketing is all about taking advantage of every opportunity and using multiple channels to promote your website and business.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use one channel to learn about marketing through another. Pay per click advertising can teach online marketers how to be better search engine optimizers.

For starters, you can use PPC for keyword research. Create your ads and see which ones get the best click throughs and conversions. Use that information to strategize your organic search campaigns.

Mobile/Local Search Dominate Organically

Mobile search presents a great opportunity for search engine optimization specialists. If you market to mobile customers, and you should, you’ll find that the click throughs on mobile PPC ads are lower than the click throughs on organic search. That’s likely because mobile searchers are on the go and looking for information fast, especially when searching for local businesses.

Retargeting Leads To Greater Results

Retargeting means using PPC ads on network websites to reach the same market prospects you reach in the SERPs. It has been a well known marketing principle for many years that the more touch points you have with prospects the more effective your marketing is going to be. It is traditionally expected that you must put your message in front of your prospect seven times before they act on it. PPC display networks provide the perfect opportunity for that. Search engine results pages represent another opportunity.

Retargeting a great opportunity for marketers in both PPC and SEO channels. Don’t miss out on it.