co Why SEO Is Not Dead |

Every year, or two or three times in some years, someone will pen an article telling us all how SEO is dead or dying and how Google is the culprit. Well, here’s another one, only this one seems to be in the “SEO is not dying” camp, but it sure comes close.

Google is interested in two things:

  1. Creating the best search engine results pages for searchers
  2. Increasing profits

And not necessarily in that order, though if truth be known, these two goals are inextricably linked. Without search traffic Google won’t make money on its advertising, and good search results ensures long-lasting traffic.

All of that aside, however, there is reason to believe that SEO as we know it is dead. After all, Google is on a spam-killing spree and it seems that no tactic is sacred. It interests the largest search engine in the world to protect its search results. And that means, unfortunately, murdering some sacred cows.

In layman’s terms, a lot of things that I have taught over the years are no longer valid. For instance, I’m not convinced that it matters any more where you place your keywords. Keyword-based titles can still be flagged as spam and sent to the bottom of the search results heap. What’s infinitely more important going forward is the reputation of your content’s author. No longer is Google simply looking at the reputation of your website, though I don’t think they will discard it, but Google is now looking at the reputation of each individual author on your website. That’s very important for multi-author sites and sites that accept guest authors.

Bottom line, SEO is not dead, nor is it dying. But you should be prepared to approach your website’s optimization potential with brand new eyes.