co Content Strategies Anyone Can Use |

When it comes to online content strategies, you don’t have to be a genius or superstar marketer to make them work for you. Anyone can do it. Even you, maverick small business owner.

If you need some content marketing strategy ideas, I have some for you. Just tap into these and see which ones will work for your situation.

  • Develop Your Themes – Any content marketing strategy must have a theme. This is what you write about. Come up with more than one because not everyone has the same interests. Pick a handful of topics that are related to your business and around which you can create discussions that lead to customer action. Even better, make your themes keyword-based.
  • Create Content Value – Every piece of content must hold some value. That’s true of static web page content, blog content, video content, or anything else you create. Inject it with value and milk it.
  • Promote It Socially – Once you’ve developed your content strategy and given it value through publication, share it and encourage others to share it. Go social. Your social networks are outposts for your content. Go out and drive traffic back to your hub, a well-designed website and blog.
  • Landing Pages With Strong Calls To Action – No matter how well written your content is or how well designed your website is, if you don’t lead people to take action on your properties, then nothing will happen. Build solid landing pages that address people’s needs and close them with a strong call to action.

Content marketing is how things happen online. Start with a strategy and then implement it.