co Blogging As A Path To Branding Excellence |

Branding is the most effective and most rewarding type of marketing a small business can perform. Once you embed your brand into the consciousness of your customer, it tends to stick around. Blogging is one of the most effective and enduring tools available to assist the small business owner in achieving top-of-mind awareness, aka branding.

What makes blogging such a useful tool for branding? A number of things, so let’s talk about some of them.

  • The Conversation – You can’t control the conversation in most venues online. Forums, social media, other off-site platforms are usually controlled by someone else. But your blog is yours. You can initiate the conversation and control the conversation. It’s the perfect branding tool.
  • Customer Interaction – Besides being in control, you can interact with your customers and maintain a level of positive engagement. That is much harder to do in social media.
  • Your Hub On The Web – Everyone needs a home base. I’m not saying don’t use social media or off-site platforms. You should use them, but you should use them to drive traffic back to your hub – the place of conversation that you can control, your blog.
  • List Capture – As you direct traffic to your blog, get people to go deeper by joining your mailing list. This is where the money is and your blog is the gateway.

Branding begins with the conversation. Instead of throwing out bland marketing messages, interact with your customers and drive them to a deeper relationship with you through your blog.