co 12 Ways To Send A Google+ Notification |

All social networks have ways to contact other users – also called a notification. But Google+ has more notification triggers than any other social network. Here are 12 ways to send, or receive, a Google+ notification:

  1. Share a post – If you share a post with someone directly, they’ll receive a notification of your activity.
  2. Mention them in a post – Sometimes, all you have to do is mention someone in a post. Type “+” and their Google+ name with a break (e.g. +Caroline Melberg)
  3. Comment on one of their posts – If someone else creates a post, you can comment on that post.
  4. Comment on a post they’ve commented on – Even if a user didn’t create the post, if they commented on it and you comment subsequently, they’ll be notified.
  5. Add them to one of your circles – This is the simplest way to notify someone on Google+.
  6. Tag them in a photo – Upload a photo and tag another user.
  7. Tag one of their photos – On Google+, you can browse other users’ public photos, and tag them. Each tag you add will notify the owner of that photo.
  8. Comment on a photo a user has interacted with – Whether they commented on the photo, tagged it, or were tagged on it by someone else, if you comment on that photo, that user will get a Google+ notification.
  9. Start a conversation – Use the + sign and the person’s handle to start a conversation on Google+.
  10. Send an event invitation – The event can be an offline event, an online hangout, or something else, but if you send them an invitation, they’ll get a notification.
  11. Share a post if you’re in one of their circles – If someone else creates a post and you share it to a circle, everyone in that circle will be notified of your shared post.
  12. Suggest people for their circles – On Google+, you can suggest new people for others to add to their circles.

Savvy online marketers will think of ways they can use these Google+ notification triggers to gain new followers on Google+ and market their businesses. But be careful that you don’t become a spammer or you’ll get blocked.