co 4 Places To Build An Online Brand Page |

You’ve likely heard of Facebook brand pages, but did you know there are 4 top social media websites that currently allow brands to build their very own brand page for marketing and lead generation purposes? It’s true. Here are 4 popular social media websites where you can currently build brand pages.

  1. Facebook – Facebook led the way with brand pages. They were the first social network to open up this possibility to businesses and I believe it should be the first brand page you build. There is a ton of potential for traffic generation and lead generation with Facebook brand pages.
  2. Google+ – Google+ made a big splash online last year when it launched and subsequently introduced Google brand pages. There is a good chance that your brand pages on Google+ will enhance your search engine optimization efforts as long as you don’t engage in spam. Use your Google+ brand page wisely and it will return positive results.
  3. Twitter – Not long after Google+, Twitter introduced brand pages. First, Twitter brand pages were open only to specific brands for testing purposes. Twitter calls its brand page product “Enhanced Profile Pages.” Regardless of what you call it, though, it’s a great opportunity for businesses to make better use of Twitter for enhanced traffic and lead generation.
  4. Foursquare – Foursquare is not as popular as the other three social media sites, but it’s growing in popularity every day. This site has recently become even more important by enhancing its local search opportunities for marketers. I can see a day when Foursquare could become the most important local search engine online. But for now, take advantage of its opportunities for building brand pages.

Social media has a lot of opportunities for businesses. These are just four. Use your brand pages at these social sites wisely and they’ll pay dividends for years to come.