co Are You Ready For Christmas? |

The Christmas season is almost upon us and it’s time for marketers to start thinking about how you will present your online shopping opportunities for your customers. Officially, the Christmas shopping season doesn’t start until the day after Halloween, but if you wait until then to start planning your seasonal marketing, you’ll be too late.

Last year set new records for Christmas shopping. I expect this year to do even better simply because more and more people are going online every day. And the people who are already online are getting more comfortable with shopping online.

The first step to any good Christmas marketing is to plan, design, and publish your seasonal web pages. Then, you’ll have to market those web pages. That means you have to have a social media strategy, a search engine optimization strategy, a paid marketing strategy, and you need to link and sync those so that they operate together and not against each other. You can’t wing it. You have to plan it.

Developing a seasonal online marketing strategy takes time. You have to plan for contingencies and things that might go wrong. Plus, you need to test those web pages before they go live.

Don’t wait until the Christmas shopping season officially begins. Get started today with your seasonal online marketing strategy plan.