co 3 Ways Social Media Makes Great Customer Service |

More and more, companies are starting to use social media for more than straight up marketing. In fact, you can use it for a number of purposes, including customer service. Here are three very powerful ways to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, et. al.) for customer service.

  1. Acknowledgement Of A Problem – Yes, you will have complaints about your business on your Facebook page, on Twitter, and who knows where else? Don’t delete them. If someone sees them there one minute and gone the next, then you’ll have bigger problems. Save yourself the reputation issue and deal with the problem head on. Respond.
  2. Apologize – Nothing says you’re taking responsibility more than a sincere apology. After you’ve acknowledged your customer service problem, apologize for it. Do it openly so that everyone following you can see that you are a company that takes customer service seriously.
  3. Make It Right – The best customer service in the world is when the customer leaves happy. Most people don’t just complain because they want to complain. They complain because there was a real issue. That’s an opportunity for you to make the customer happy again. Offer a refund, a discount, or a freebie the next time they visit. Again, do it openly so that everyone can see your awesome customer service right out in the open.

Customer complaints are a customer service and reputation management opportunity. Do social media wrong and it will backfire on you. Do it right and you’ll gain many more years of business as customers recognize that you care about their concerns.