co How To Optimize Local Content |

Local SEO is a growing opportunity for many businesses, especially if you serve multiple cities or geographic locations with the same service. So how do you optimize your content for each location that you serve?

This is a challenge for many businesses because you can’t just take the same content and replace city names with other city names and call that local SEO. That’s more likely to hurt you in the search engines than help you, and it could kill your business entirely with duplicate content penalties or de-listings from the search engines. Online marketers have to come up with alternative ways to reach each city they serve.

One way to reach customers in multiple geographic locations is by providing different types of content. For one location, use a video testimonial. For another, post a written testimonial. You can include articles, separate graphics, and make use of local culture in your website content.

Of course, you must think about the needs of your customers in each location you serve. Are they different? For a landscaper, you might serve one city where Bermuda grass is popular and another location where another type of grass is preferred. Make good use of the differences between your various locations within your content.

Finally, start a blog. With a blog, you can create unique content that addresses the need for each location you serve. You can write about general information regarding your niche as well as the specific needs of each city you serve.