co How To Use Blog Links For Reader Benefit |

There are different types of links. When it comes to your blog, linking for the benefit of your reader is the most important type of link you can create, and you should create as many of these as you can. Don’t be chintzy about your links.

If you want to know how to use links in your blog, here are 4 types of blog links that you should be creating every time you write a blog post. You don’t need each type in every blog post, but you should have at least one of these types of links in most of your blog posts.

  1. Internal website links – Write a blog post where you discuss a subject that is written about on your blog. Reference your web page on that subject and link to that page. Internal links are great ways to boost your SEO, but it’s also a great way to keep readers on your website longer.
  2. Previous blog post links – If you write about the same topic on your blog post more than once, add links to previous posts on that topic. This works really well when you write about something with varying nuances.
  3. Call to action – Sometimes the most effective link is the one where you command your reader to “click here” or use a similar phrase designed to inspire clicking through to the target page. It’s particularly effective when you have something to sell or give away for free. You can use calls to action to sell services, get opt-ins to your newsletter or mailing list, increase your downloads for an e-book or mobile app, or to promote an affiliate product.
  4. Link to a resource – You don’t always have to link to yourself. You can also link to another blog or a website created by someone else that is a great resource for your readers. Be helpful above all else.

If you want to write a helpful blog for your readers, find ways to link to other content – either your own or someone else’s.