co 4 Unconventional Google Keyword Research Tools |

Google does more than help searchers find information online. It also helps content producers come up with good ideas for their content. These 4 unusual keyword research tools are perfect for webmasters and content producers come up with ideas. These are not the only keyword research tools Google offers, but they are ones you likely have not used. I encourage you to use them.

  1. Google Trends – Google took two products (Google Trends and Google Insights for Search) and combined them into one all new Google Trends product. Free to use, you can see how important keywords have trended over time. Are more people searching for your topic today than two years ago? Google Trends will tell you.
  2. Google Suggest – When you search Google you’ll see a few suggestions as you type. Those suggestions are top searches that others have used related to the one you are using.
  3. Google+ Trending TopicsGoogle+ is more than a social media tool. There are also search implications. As you watch your content stream, you’ll see a list of trending topics. Check those often to see if any of them relate to your niche.
  4. Google ZeitgeistGoogle Zeitgeist is a yearly report Google puts out that shows the top searches for the previous year. You can see the top searches related to specific information categories as well as geographic locations.

These 4 unconventional keyword research tools will help you find more and better content ideas for your website, blog, and articles. Use them. They’re all free.