co Content Creation Vs. Content Curation |

Should you create your own content or become a curator of content, a practice that involves pulling together resources from various places around the web and various authors that are all about one single topic related to your niche. Personally, I see no reason why you can’t do both.

Content creation takes more time and costs more money – unless you do it yourself. It requires that you plan your content and produce it on a regular basis. Plus, it’s all original so you gain quick favor with the search engines every time you create unique content for your website. I would certainly never discourage anyone from creating their own unique content.

However, content curation has its benefits as well. In fact, it’s a great adjunct to your own original content.

With content curation you can save yourself the time of researching and writing content for your website. Do it right and you can compile a good resource of niche content in a few minutes. While the SEO benefits are not as great as that of content creation, content curation helps to make you an expert authority on your topic. If the content you share about your niche is valuable information, then your audience will thank you for it.

Both content creation and content curation have their benefits. For the best results, combine these two strategies into one overall online marketing strategy.