co How Bing And Klout Teamed Up For Your Benefit |

Bing seems to think searchers want to know the Klout scores of topical experts featured alongside your search results. Maybe they do. Do you?

When you search a topic, you get the traditional results, followed by a column of paid results, followed by the Know bar. If you’re logged in through Facebook, the top of the bar are people you follow who “might” know something about what you’re looking for. I found this angle to be fun but not all that helpful.

Below that is a list called “People Who Know” — these are experts in the field. Roll over one and you get the side pop you see above. That’s where you’ll find the Klout score if it’s available.

This might be helpful. It might even be a way to find new people to follow and connect with on Twitter and Facebook. But do you really care about their Klout scores? If you do, your probably in the minority. From what I’m reading, most people don’t care too much about Klout scores. But that could change.

For marketers, this new Bing Klout combo could be a new way to find influencers. The downside is a lack of consistency in the results.

If Bing can make the results more consistent and helpful, then maybe they can change people’s minds about Klout. But I think Klout will have to get better at measuring social influence. Who knows? Maybe some day all online marketers will be looking at Klout scores as a way to judge who to follow and befriend.