co Pinterest Is No. 4 In Traffic Generation |

Here’s something interesting. Traffic from Bing and Yahoo! this year are down. Traffic from Pinterest is up. The net effect is that Pinterest is the No. 4 traffic referrer, according to information shared by Shareaholic.

Google and Facebook out-refer Pinterest as do direct referrals. So what should marketers make of that? Does that mean you should be using Pinterest?

I wouldn’t say that. The No. 1 reason to consider using Pinterest for your social networking is that your audience is there – or at least a significant amount of your target audience.

If the people you are trying to reach are using Pinterest and you have interesting images to pin, then I believe you can make some good use out of the social network service. But follow these tips. This is very good advice.

  • Don’t pin everything you produce. Pick your best posts, and best images, and pin those.
  • Make sure there is an audience for the content you are pinning.
  • Organize your pinboards in a sensible way for people in your target niche.
  • Add “Pin It” icons to your blog and website, and stick around after you’ve done your pinning to do a little networking. Comment on other pins and re-pin images of those you follow.
  • Social networking is, uhm, networking. So make sure you do a good bit of that.

Pinterest is a great social network that can be very effective for the right marketer, but make sure you have an audience for what you want to pin. Otherwise, you could just be wasting your time.