co 4 Ways To Increase Your On-Page Video SEO |

Forget video marketing as inbound link building. Let’s talk about ways you can increase your on-page optimization using videos. These are simple, easy-to-implement ways you can use videos to increase the on-page optimization of your website and your YouTube channel, but mostly your website.

  1. Design a niche-related video section – Why not encourage other people in your niche to upload their videos to your website? You can do that easily by adding a niche-related video section to your website. It can be a subdomain of your website or a section/folder on your server. Either way and you’ll get the benefit.
  2. Create a sitemap – This alone has a ton of SEO potential. Search engines love sitemaps because they make it easier to crawl your website and find the information they are looking for. A video sitemap specifically lists the videos on your site.
  3. Embed videos on your website – Google indexes embedded videos and sends traffic directly to those embedded videos. Upload the video first to YouTube, then embed it on your website. This works really well if you have good text before and/or after the video to give the search engines great optimized content to crawl.
  4. Include a video transcription along with the video – You can do this on your own website and on YouTube where you upload the video for sharing. The text of the video tells the search engines what your video is about. It’s one of the most powerful optimization tools you can employ.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on video optimization. There is much more you can do, but this is a great start.