co Would Facebook Search Change Your Content Strategy? |

Facebook claims to be getting a billion searches per day without even trying. I guess that’s a good reason to pursue building a search engine, but would it be any good?

Facebook announced on Friday that you can now track your searches and delete them if you want. However, that feature hasn’t been rolled out to everyone at this time. But it is comforting to know it’s coming down the pike. Isn’t it?

Privacy concerns aside, would a Facebook search engine change the landscape of search? Would more people use Facebook as a search engine if Facebook announced the official Facebook Search Engine? What would that do to Facebook’s relationship with Bing? And more importantly, how would it impact your own content marketing strategy? Or would it?

Facebook doesn’t exactly have a good reputation among searchers. It’s not like you hear people say, “I’ll Facebook it.” They’re there for the friendship and socialization, not for finding information.

Still, things change online all the time. It could happen.

So, I’ll ask again. If Facebook had a search engine, would you use it? Would you change your content strategy to target Facebook’s search engine in hopes that more people would find your website through the largest social network online? I think you’d be a fool not to at least explore it. But that’s just me.

Please tell me in the comments if you’d adapt your content marketing strategy to include Facebook Search?