co 3 Ways Push Notifications Bring You Business |

One growing trend in mobile marketing is something called push notifications. These work well for a number of reasons. First, let’s define what it is.

A push notification is a message you can send through an app to a user’s mobile phone. You can communicate any message, share news, or just offer a greeting. But the notification differs from SMS, or texting, because it occurs within an app that the user has downloaded. The fact that the mobile user has downloaded the app implies that they’ve given you permission to contact them in this manner.

Push notifications are powerful because you already have permission to contact the mobile phone user through the app they’ve downloaded. This implies that you create an app in the first place. Here are 3 ways to use push notifications to increase your business:

  1. Promotional Codes – Send promotional codes to your app users that are exclusive. Mobile customers can’t get these offers any other way. You make them feel valued and special, and you reward their business and use of your app with these special offer promotional codes.
  2. Periodic Updates – Occasionally, you can simply send out a push notification letting your mobile customers know what is going on in your company. This type of notification is typically non-promotional, but it keeps your brand name in front of them.
  3. Invitations – Invitations through push notification are powerful. If you are sponsoring an event such as a webinar, send out invitations to your mobile users and watch the sign ups filter in.

Push notifications are better than text messages in many ways. Because users have downloaded your app, they expect them and don’t consider them interruptions. You will have a higher response rate.