co Get Creative With QR Codes |

M&M QR codeA QR code is a special scannable icon that you can put on your store window, a sign, a flyer or brochure, or a print ad. The icon is designed to allow mobile phone users to scan the graphic, which takes them to your web page or landing page designed for a specific purpose.

Some companies have gone the extra mile and made their QR codes look a little different. That is, they exercised their creativity.

Among the companies that have gone this creative route with their QR codes are:

  • Disney
  • M&Ms
  • Pac Man
  • Louis Vitton
  • Magic Hat Brewing Company
  • TIME Magazine
  • Farmville

These are just a few. The QR codes designed by these companies makes the graphic a brandable image – and why would you have any image associated with your business that wasn’t brandable?

When a customer or potential customer scans your QR code with their mobile phone, the phone will open up a web browser and take the person to your website, or a predetermined landing page. Imagine that mobile user passing by your retail shop and seeing the QR code on your front door. They scan it and go to your website where you have a display window featuring today’s specials. Seeing something that catches her eye, she enters the store and makes a purchase.

Here’s another scenario. A couple visit a local restaurant and in front of them are those placemats with ads on them. One of those ads is yours featuring a QR code. The woman pulls out her mobile phone and scans the code. She can see the clothing specials you have to offer and after dinner the couple come into your store to get a closer look.

QR codes are great tools for bringing in new customers or making special offers to existing customers. And they are also branding items.