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Chances are, you have a few loyalty cards hanging off your keychain or floating around in your purse or wallet. What if you could store them instead in your smartphone and have them scanned when you visit your favorite merchant? And what if you are that merchant and you could help your customers save money with their purchases using their mobile devices? Wouldn’t that be a win-win for you and your customers?

You bet it would.

That’s why Constant Contact and CardStar introduced the Passbook App.

CardStar’s mobile app is available for the Apple iPhone and for the Android operating system, which means that anyone with a smartphone or mobile device can benefit. Here are a few statistics gathered from Constant Contact and included on a recent infographic about mobile loyalty.

  • 73% of consumers have used their mobile phone while shopping
  • 3 out of 4 Americans are members of at least one loyalty card program
  • Every 8 seconds a loyalty card is converted to a mobile device
  • 93% of consumers who use mobile apps in stores also bought something at a physical location
  • The average consumer uses a loyalty or membership card every 8 days

Loyalty cards are a great way to encourage consumer loyalty and to reward customers who keep coming back to your store or business. Consumers might be more loyal if they could use those loyalty cards on their smartphone and mobile devices, which they always carry with them and never leave home without. For many consumers, mobile loyalty apps could be more convenient than plastic cards they carry in their wallet or purse, or attach to their keychains.

Check out CardStar’s infographic below.

The State of Mobile Loyalty
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