co What Is Mobile Marketing? |

This week we’re talking about mobile marketing. What is it, should you pursue it, and if so how will it impact your business? First, what is mobile marketing?

In a word, mobile marketing is any marketing that involves interactive marketing through mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, Bluetooth devices, tablets, and other connected handheld devices. It’s a pretty broad category and I think it will only get broader as it grows in significance.

The means and ways of mobile marketing have grown a lot since the advent of the science less than a decade ago. The following mobile marketing methods are just a few of the ways that small businesses can reach customers through mobile devices:

  • SMS, or texting
  • Multimedia presentation
  • Push notifications
  • Interactive gaming
  • App development
  • Mobile web marketing
  • Location-based marketing
  • QR codes
  • Bluetooth
  • User-controlled media

Mobile marketing will no doubt increase with time. Smartphones and tablets almost ensure that the technology to market a business through handheld communication devices will not go away. Furthermore, the almost universal access to wi-fi, e-mail, text messaging, and other mobile technology means that more people are able to communicate at the drop of a hat then ever before. More and more people are adopting mobile technology and shopping with their mobile phones or researching their purchasing using mobile technology.

Small Business Mavericks hopes you’ll join us this week as we discuss specific mobile marketing tactics and how you can use mobile technology to engage and interact with your customers and potential customers.