co Is Bing The Best Search Engine? |

Bing keeps trying to convince, by one way or another, that its search results are better than Google’s. They’ve tried just about everything they can think of. But they have one more card to play (or maybe not), and they’re playing it pretty heavy right now.

This is probably the best idea that Bing could come up — a blind search engine test.

What if there was a website where you could type in your search query and get side-by-side search results from both Google and Bing and see which one was the best? Well, there is. It’s called Bing It On.

According to Bing, the power behind the test, Bing results are winning 2 to 1.

Bing would have been a fool to even try this if they weren’t confident they’d win more often than lose. And if the results are honest (of course I have no reason not to trust them), then it looks like Bing may very well produce better search results. However, I do expect Google to retaliate. If Bing’s results are better overall, then I’d imagine Google will do some tweaking to change that. They always do.

But if it’s true and Bing’s results are better, does that mean online marketers should change their focus from Google to Bing? Not necessarily. Google still gets more traffic. But I’ve always been of the opinion that you should find traffic from as many sources as possible.

I encourage you to take the Bing It On blind test. See what you think.