co Which Social Media Sites Are The Riskiest? |

According to one survey, Facebook is the riskiest social media site for businesses online. It’s not really surprising. One negative message about your brand going viral can really put a damper in your business’s trust among consumers. But the rest of the results of the survey are quite interesting.

Here are a few gems I found while perusing the results.

  • 43% of businesses found video sharing sites to be slightly risky.
  • Company and third-party blogs are considered less risky than Twitter or Facebook, which indicates that businesses are warming up to blogging.
  • LinkedIn is considered slightly risky by 43% of businesses and not risky by 35%, making it more trusted than Facebook, Twitter, video sharing sites, or blogs.
  • 33% of survey respondents consider Pinterest to be slightly risky and 48% consider it not risky, which makes it more trustworthy than all of the above; I found this statistic to be VERY surprising considering how new Pinterest is and the controversy surrounding intellectual rights.
  • Foursquare could be considered the least risky social media site online as 58% of businesses surveyed said it was not risky; on the other hand, 20% said it was slightly risky, showing that 78% of those surveyed consider Foursquare slightly risky or not risky at all.
  • Google+ came in at 49% slightly risky and 33% not risky, a total of 82%, beating out Foursquare in the “slightly risky or less” category.
  • Q&A sites, but no specific one, have a rating of 88% slightly risky or less; the number for slightly risky is 43% and for not risky is 45%.

These are interesting numbers. If you want a “no risk” social media strategy, perhaps Foursquare is the place to be, but if you want “slightly risky” or better, then Quora, Yahoo! Answers, Google+, and Foursquare (in that order) are likely to be your cup of tea.

Still, I don’t think it’s any secret that more businesses are using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, showing that companies are willing to take the risk in order to receive the rewards. I’d like to see which social sites businesses consider most rewarding. Wouldn’t you?