co Mistakes To Avoid While Blogging |

Some mistakes are easy to overcome. Others can kill your marketing. If you routinely publish bad content on your blog, it could hurt your reputation online and damage your brand. If you do it occasionally, that will have less of an impact, but you want to avoid bad content if you can.

Bad content can be described as content with bad grammar or poor spelling. It can also be content that is filled with inaccurate information. Or that has low value, or no value, for your readers. If you take information from someone else, for instance, and regurgitate and that’s all you do, that could be perceived as bad content.

Beyond bad content, there are four other big blogging mistakes that can hurt your online brand. Avoid these mistakes like the plague.

  1. Plagiarizing – Once you get a reputation for stealing other people’s work, you’ll have a hard time overcoming that reputation. If you borrow an idea, give credit where it’s due.
  2. Failing to SEO your blog – You don’t have to over-optimize – that is, focus entirely on SEO. Keep your blog reader-focused. But DO make sure your posts are optimized for the search engines.
  3. Not socializingYour blog is a social media tool. Write often and share what you post on your social networks. Make sure you encourage others to share your posts as well.
  4. Screening guest bloggers too much or not enough – If you haven’t started using guest bloggers, then you should start. They can flesh out your blog content in ways that you yourself can’t do. It’s best to appeal to as broad an audience as you can within your niche. But don’t make the mistake of publishing anyone and everyone who sends you a guest post. Vet your guest bloggers well.