co 5 Ways To Blog As Social Media |

One could say that blogging is as much social media as SEO. In fact, while your blog posts have the potential to rank in the search engines for your keywords, they also have the potential to viral at the drop of a hat.

Here are 5 ways to make your blogging more social:

  1. Add social media icons to your blog – Let your visitors know they can share your posts on their favorite social media websites. Add the icons to every blog post and watch your social engagement rise.
  2. Write interesting blog posts that get people talking – You can actually encourage comments on your blog. Be controversial, as open-ended questions, encourage discussion.
  3. Share your own posts on social media – After you write a blog post, push it out to your social media followers on all of your social networks. Try to create discussion on the social networks about the blog post.
  4. Become a guest blogger – Anything you can do on your own blog you can do on someone else’s. Write guest blog posts on other blogs within your niche and share them on social media.
  5. Create commentary on your Facebook page – Write commentary on your Facebook page and use that commentary to segue to past blog posts.

Blogging and social media go hand in hand. Your blog readers will engage with you on your social networks as well as on your blog. Give them every opportunity to do so.