co Quora Gets A Boost From Bing |

Bing, the search engine, has recently started promoting specific Quora content in its search results sidebar. If you search for information on Bing and you are logged in, you’ll see a sidebar featuring your Facebook friends who have posted information or liked information about that subject. If those friends are also on Quora, then you’ll see a link to an answer they’ve provided on Quora with a snippet. This is a cool feature.

While this feature won’t necessarily catapult Quora to the top of the social media websites, it could give the Q&A site a boost in reputation. After all, Bing is the second largest pure search engine online.

Earlier this month, WebProNews reported that bloggers can now embed Quora quotes into their blog posts. That’s a very powerful feature as well and could serve to give Quora more exposure. Quora is already the best looking and most useful Q&A site online. It’s a place where experts on any topic can showcase their expertise by answering questions posed by the community.

Answers on Quora tend to be long and detailed. That makes the site valuable in its own right. If Quora can get an additional boost in popularity from other websites, that will increase its value to marketers.