co On-Site Vs. Off-Site SEO: Which Is Better? |

For most of Internet history there has been a growing battle between on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Put another way, marketers have debated the relative value of on-site content and off-site content ever since the advent of the World Wide Web. So which is more important?

If you ask some online marketers, they’ll tell you that off-site SEO tactics such as link building are more important than anything else. Other marketers will sing the praises of on-site content. I think both are important.

But it’s on-site SEO that will provide the greatest value for your readers.

Even if you produce great off-site content (and you should) that helps your website rank well in the search engines, your website visitors will get more value out of great content that you publish on your website. And that’s why you should spend most of your time creating content for your website instead of spending it pursuing guest blogging opportunities.

While I believe that guest blogging opportunities are great ways to drive new traffic to your website and gain some recognition for your brand, those types of content publishing opportunities should be pursued between times of updating your website and blog. That way you can continue to build your brand and your content opportunities with unique content on your website while marketing your website through outposts and off-site channels. It’s a two-pronged pitchfork. Use it.